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You remeber what I wrote on my last one? I was saying thanks for the super llama, and that is almost a year ago!
Today I got the ALBINO LLAMA!!!! Thanks allot peeps :D
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So I just want to say thanks a lot!!!
And keep giving me llamas :P I like them<3
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I'm actually back!
So these past two days I have been uploading drawings and photos from my old DevaintArts and put it here.

I realized while looking through them, that I had forgotten much of what I have been making, and I was really dark around 2007-8 :P 

But I think its funny to have everything at one place, so I can see my improvements :D

I'm so happy I'm into drawing and artwork again, and I would love to start caring about DeviantArt again :D 
So the last days I have been trying out stuff on SAI... Do some of you have any experience on this program? Some reasonable tips?
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